Here’s a little about my skillset.


Graphic Designer: an Art Director’s best friend

First and foremost, I’m a graphic designer. I’ve got four years studio experience working in ad agencies: taking a brief and directly liaising with my creative team. I begin conceptual, and take the design through layout stages to final output. I can work with minimal direction or lots of direction.

Key strengths include concepting, layout design & typography.

Pen and Paper. InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop. A little bit of Sketch.



Retouching is a special interest area for me. Cleanup and colour correction, through to comping and high-end retouching. I’m not a senior retoucher with years of experience, but it’s an area I will continue to grow in.



I enjoy Illustrating. While more of a hobby for me, it’s been a useful skill to have in agency life.


Storyboard Artist

My Illustration skills lend themselves to storyboarding and scamps. I’m a big fan of presenting idea first, execution later; scamping up ideas is something I’m always glad to help wigh



Taking a messy InDesign concept, and turning it into something printable. I can artwork for print: resizes, minor amends, major amends, total redesigns, AdStream Quickprint, colour management etc. The bread and butter. I’ve worked on all shapes and sizes: from posters to press ads, wobblers to tram wraps.


Motion Design, Animation, 3D

I’ve got minor skills in After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Cinema4D. While not as comprehensive as my other skills, they come in handy from time to time. I relish the opportunity to gain further experience.